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Modern Earth Inc. is a software design and web development company. From our vantage point at the Heart of the Continent, we could see one thing very clearly - that the web had gotten easier and easier to use. However, web publishing was still the realm of those with some very specialized knowledge, or those brave souls who were willing to spend hours grappling with software that didn't really work all that well. We're also passionate about design, and discovered that a lot of those "easy" software tools create cumbersome, unattractive web sites.

All that changed with the introduction of PointAndEdit. Suddenly, a professionally-designed website could be updated by almost anyone! This opened a whole realm of possibility for those legions of people for whom the smallest change or addition to a page meant a summit conference with their web designer. New price list? Update it yourself! Weekly specials? Put them online! Press releases, announcements, staffing changes, holiday hours - post them too! The possibilities are endless. PointAndEdit websites are so much more than mere brochure sites.

All this philosophy is backed by a fierce dedication to unparalleled customer service, and with happy customers across North America, the Modern Earth team humbly believes that they are doing something right. But don't just take our word for it. See what our customers say!

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Modern Earth Inc.