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Success Stories

"I've had nothing but fabulous compliments on my website! Thank you so much for such a wonderful job."

Rev. Mandi Neiser
Married by Mandi
Stoney Creek, ON


"We have appreciated the opportunity to edit our website directly from our office. I have found that by the time I prepare information for one client, it is just as easy to post it in our catalogue for everyone. I feel it encourages customers to come back time and time again to see what is new and most important, current information."

Marilyn Hunter
Heart Beat Inc.
Winnipeg, MB



"As a nonprofit organization it's essential that we keep our members informed in the most cost-effective manner, and having a Point and Edit website allows us to do just that. I can easily keep my site up-to-date without taking a lot of time out of my always busy schedule!"

Roberta Currah
Manitoba Forage Council
Winnipeg, MB


"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with our Point and Edit website. The training we received was comprehensive. The software is easy to use and it didn't take long to become proficient with it, and it allows us to continually update our website in a very cost effective manner."

Craig W. Wilton
Brunswick Mailing Systems
Winnipeg, MB




Modern Earth Inc.